***Important COVID-19 information*** updated 14 May 2020

We are extremely pleased to announce that there has been further easing of dental restrictions which will allow us to fully resume providing comprehensive dental care to our dental family.

Australian Government, on advice from the health advisory committee (AHPPC), in consultation with the Australian Dental Association, has now lowered restrictions on dental treatment able to be performed to Level 1 Restrictions of the Managing COVID-19 Guidelines from 8 May 2020.

These restrictions are reproduced below*, but in summary: allow all dental treatments to be undertaken for ‘healthy’ patients, in a relatively normal fashion. ie we will continue to screen all patients and ‘at risk’ patients will need to have served their quarantine/isolation and/or achieved negative test results, as applicable, before they can be routinely treated.
(Urgent treatment can typically be accommodated with various extra precautions.)

At Charlestown Road Dental we will continue with a few appropriate extra precautions for all (eg patient screening, patient handwashing/alcohol handrub, pre-treatment antiseptic mouthrinse, disinfecting doorhandles and EFTPOS terminals etc, and waiting room social distancing) to ensure that there is no opportunity for spread within the surgery.
Our infection control will otherwise continue unabated with protocols that are the equal of the best in the world, and the envy of many countries.

These arrangements will ensure our existing valued patients, and others, are supported safely with their dental needs, even in these otherwise unsettling times.

We will increase our operating hours to five days (Mon-Fri) again, as we begin to work back towards more normal work patterns.
NB we will still require appointments to be made (preferably by telephone) prior.
An after-hours number is provided, on the answering service whenever the surgery is unattended, as well as on this site under our  COVID-19 policy/procedure page.    

Continue to check back on our site for any future developments.

We understand that there will be apprehension, and uncertainty at this time, but we are available and ready to support you.
Do not hesitate to call us, or enquire via email/our website, to discuss, for advice, and for reassurance.

On an incidental (personal) note, with the inescapable early news coverage around PPE (personal protective equipment) you may now more keenly appreciate the difference in the ‘mask’ that I had already been wearing, and have done so for in excess of twenty years. I adopted routine mask wearing long before it became mandated by regulation (similarly, wearing gloves consistently since university days – again, well before it became mandated).
I found very early on that surgical masks are surprisingly poor at sealing around the edges and typically serve more to deflect air flow, and stop direct droplet spray, rather than filtering.
In a search for a mask that didn’t ‘leak like a sieve’ (and consequently fog my safety glasses) I stumbled upon ‘P2/N95 respirators’ that I now wear routinely, which are not only more efficient at filtering the inspired and expired air (they trap a larger percentage of particles/droplets, and down to even smaller sizes), they seal effectively to ensure that the air cannot bypass the filtering process.
The style, especially together with the orange colour, of my preferred brand give it a “duck bill” appearance which children often comment upon (complemented by my Donald Duck impression – which further amuses them, but this is for the kids only!)
I look forward to seeing in the surgery once again!
Dr Philip Skipsey

PS We encourage all to download and install the Federal Government’s “COVIDSafe” app for Apple or Android.


Services that can be performed Restricted services, defer treatment
Level 1 Restrictions All dental treatments using standard precautions for people who do not meet epidemiological or clinical risk factors for COVID-19 infection transmission
Defer non-urgent treatment for people who DO meet epidemiological or clinical symptom criteria for COVID-19 risk.

Urgent dental treatment for people who DO meet epidemiological or clinical symptom criteria for COVID-19 risk or confirmed as a COVID-19 case, provided as per ADA Managing COVID-19 Guidelines

Welcome to your local Charlestown dentist. We cater to all ages, families and singles, and look forward to serving your dental needs.

At Charlestown Road Dental we strive to deliver the highest quality dentistry to restore your mouth and smile to a healthy state, and maintain it that way. We provide comprehensive care, focussing on prevention. Dental care is a partnership, where we consult with you about what treatment outcomes you want and advise you of the options to get there, assisting you as you decide what treatment suits your circumstances.

Dr Philip Skipsey graduated in 1985, practicing first in Belmont, before taking over a solo dental practice upstairs in King Street, Newcastle in 1988. The practice relocated to custom built premises in 2011 where we have now rebranded as Charlestown Road Dental.

Charlestown Road Dental services

We offer a wide range of dental services including:

  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Restorative (fillings)
  • Extractions, including wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontics
  • Implants
  • Crowns, Bridges and Dentures
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Periodontics (gum treatment)
  • Mouthguards, Occlusal Splints and Snoring Appliances
  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing) Gas
  • Tooth Whitening (at home bleaching)
  • Veneers

Relax in our care

We work together to limit your need for dental treatment. We are focussed on preventative dental care and guide you to health of your mouth and smile. However, if we feel you do need dental treatment,our team take every care to make you very comfortable. Click here to find out more.

We welcome children to the practice and can help you to get them used to visiting the dentist.

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